Hello guys. Aku tktahu kenapa but seriously i miss you guys *hugs hugs* Thanks semua cause always been here on my ups and downs. Thanks. So now, im totally done with chasing after guys and letting my heart broken apart. So this is Hidayah!

Hi, my name is Nur Hidayah Hassan. My bckground are kinda weird maaan. I've this perfect family with 5 siblings and ma and abah. Oh how much I love them! FriendS? Er I have two nyawa that is Nur Assyafireen & Siti Nurfarhana, meh cium sikit :* Okaaaaay, satu awesome akak, Dayah Bamm, hahaha Bambam luuurfchiew! Dua adik angkat, Idzwan Hilmy and Edry Shamim. Idzwan yang suka entertain me whenever I need someone and Edry yang magosh sangat degil dan jiwang. Muahahah oh my papa angkat! Farhan Harizan ♥ The one that annoys me but at the same time, he's the sweetest THING ever! Last last, my ex kesayangan. Hihih weird huh ada ex kesayangan? But not for me. Adly Humaidy have always been my bestest makhluk in my life. Dulu time couple, we've been through a lot of good and hard times. But most of them is hard times. But selepas segala kebencian yang we've been through, I realised that he's the best. Dia ada je time aku sedih, hahahah babi lah kau Ly :| Ohmy, thanks Ly xoxxxxx
Yes, I know majoriti dh tahu kisah aku. But believe me, im not doing those things secara rela hati. I've my own pride too, so stop bothering me. May Allah bless us. Amin amin aminnnnn~