Yes, I've removed him from my friendlist. Oh like he cares, pfttttt *annoyed*

After the big confession, I felt so relieved. This is my life-experience. I confessed to that guy that I like so much that I like him *giggles* I told Yien, Anne and Farah ofcourse about this. Yien was very so much proud with me! She said, im a very brave girl and I cried. Anne told me that I was putting too much hope in him and I cried. Farah told me that I should go for someone that loves me not the one that I loves and I cried *again* Then I felt relieved again when I remembered about last Saturday. And im happy that he still texted me after what I told him. Despite all that, deep in my heart, I was tear apart, I was seriously injured.. Im too down when I see him so greatly happy with HER while im dying over here. Im dying! Don't you see that? Oh, i forgot that you couldn't care less..

Oh if you ever knew that I do exists, that would made my dayS. Pft, he's now studying in Merlimau Melaka's Politechnic. Oh Allah, please take a good care of him ever there~ I'll always pray the best for you Jacko, I'll always do. Take care, im leaving now. Oh I almost forgot, ilvchiew ♥ *blush*