K, I've just blocked her. Yes, her! Who? My baby Aien Rosdi ofcourse. Why whyyyyyy? K k, yesterday I removed her fr the scnd time. Nd yet, I felt so miserable when she inbox me talking bout this nd tht. Nd yeah I cried *sobbing* Ugh so I added her back nd today frst in the morning, I looked in her profileeee, baby im yr fav stalker. Hah then I saw her status, *gawk* again im shocked! Pft nd I decide to cmnt her status then she IM me nd ask fr an apology. Yes, sayang I do frgv you sayang. Eventhough you've done so many things tht hurted me. So I updated my status, it goes just like this

Nd knw wht? She updated hers too *cheers

K, I cried *again* when I read this one. Harhar, I dnt even knw wht to do nd wht to say. Gah, babai Aien Rosdi ILY :*