Kayy the love story starts between Hidayah nd Wildan
If you hvnt notice, he's my new pakwe woah :D Well, let me talks bout him. Tknk baca dan tknak tahu? SHUH AWAY OKAY? Wildan Azman, stays in Kajang heheheheheheheh :D Aku Kajang dia Kajang Aku Kajang dia Kajang ouyay! So, talking bout him kn. Just now we text, kayy evry seconds we text but tadi is the the importing text :O I ask him "Dalam banyak banyak banyak ex kau, siapa yang paling kau sayang?" Dalam hati berharap sangat dia kata something csy instead of "SYUHADA, kenapa?" Kayy luluh sangat hati ni but tak apa chill :D I know the fact tht he loves me wuahaha, i dont care wht KAU KAU or KAU wanna say bout me, him or US cause i know him better. *i know there are SOMEBODY out there talks shit pasal kitorang nd i've heard bout it okay? Listen up, NOBODY'S PERFECT dude. Instead of mengkritik my life, apa kata kau try GET A LIFE ? :D